Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The 'Other' Campaign Begins...

Marking the twelfth anniversary of its uprising, the Zapatista National
Liberation Army (EZLN) launched the next phase in its struggle Jan. 1
to a thunderously warm send-off from thousands of supporters in the
overfilled Plaza de Resistencia in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas.

The six-member Zapatista command, four men and two women, assumed
the stage with a backdrop bearing a mural of Emiliano Zapata as a sea of
black balaclavas, red bandanas, banners, Mexican citizens,
internationals-in-solidarity and tourists cheered on. Banners lifted
high in the air announced, “Long Live the EZLN”

The Other Campaign, the Zapatista political initiative which hopes to
forge an anti-capitalist alliance of the non-electoral Left in Mexico,
has officially begun. Thousands who have signed on gathered with
subcomandante Marcos, now called Delegate Zero, in his first day.

Narco News, a great internet resource, will be covering the new Zapatista
initiative throughout for folks here in the US interested in following the

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onto said...

There's also a huge story that compiles audio, video, photos, and articles composed by participants of the events in english and spanish at indymedia.