Thursday, January 26, 2006

Daniel McGowan released on bail

For everyone out there who knows Daniel and has been following the case, we got some good news last night as he has been released on bail into the custody of his sister. Check out for more info on his case and the ordeal that he is currently going through. It is good to know that through a lot of hard work on behalf of his family and friends he is home now even though he will be heavily monitored by feds and obviously he still has to stand trial facing some serious (trumped up) charges. Daniel is facing a minimum of 30 years in prison and the possibility of life in prison if convicted but has emphatically declared that he is not guilty. Hopefully those around the New York City area will find ways to support him on his return sometime later this week. Being in the federal court room back in December where the judge originally denied Daniel bail, I cannot even imagine what was going through his head. It was kind of a complete state of shock among his family and supporters as we left the court room that day. For me it was just another sharp reminder of the power of the state when they want to come after someone and the kind of power they constantly have over all of us even if they have to hit people with fake charges etc. Although the stress of the trial is still looming and this thing is a long way from over, im glad your home Daniel...

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