Friday, January 06, 2006

National Conference on Organized Resistance [NCOR]

The 9th annual NCOR conference will be taking place from February 3-5th in Washington DC and I encourage anyone who has the time to try and make it. Many of the workshop descriptions are now available online and include a variety of topics including:

* Another Kind of Politics: Community Power, Autonomy, & Zapatismo
* Because Good Ideas are Not Enough: Building Our Organizations
* Breaking Down Walls: Anti-Prison Organizing and Movement Building
* Building Our Levees: The Lessons from New Orleans
* Building Student and Worker Coalitions
* Canada and Empire: "Imperialism with a Smile"
* Community Organizing Towards Making A Revolution Possible
* Creating Caring Communities
* Next Steps for the Global Justice Movement in the US
* The Revolution Will Not Be Funded
* Parenting for Social Change
* Participatory Learning: Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Activism
* Race and Privilege in Radical Communities
* "Recovering Argentina": Lessons on Resistance and Solidarity
* What Next for the Palestine Solidarity Movement?
* What's the Meaning of Protest, Anyway?

The NCOR conference is pretty much the only yearly conference based in the US that attracts consistantly over 1,000 young radicals. It has a few drawbacks, as most conferences do - specifically it attracts primarily college educated, prodiminantly middle class white activists. Having said that, NCOR has made great strides over the last few years and the organizers have really made a commitment towards getting a more diverse audience and series of presenters there. Organizers will be coming from all across the country and in my experience the weekend is always a good 'field trip' kind of thing if your trying to build relationships with a group of local individuals or activists. So... rent a car and or van and go to DC February 3-5th!

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