Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Notes From The Global Intifada

A few updates from the Left Turn website team -- We have the Doug Ireland article on France up right now and will hopefully be adding some other content in the coming days. Also for those of you looking for on the ground reporting and analysis from New Orleans, check out our archive of articles by fellow editor Jordan Flaherty as well as the Katrina Resource archive where you can find information on how to support the various grass roots organizations that are working hard to rebuild New Orleans.

We have worked hard to update the website regularly with some of the best content from around the web as well as original pieces written either for the website or Left Turn magazine itself. To give you a sense our past few features have included: "Gentrifying Disaster" a great piece on New Orleans by Mike Davis, "Profit & The Autonomous Grassroots" an article from issue #18 addressing the 'Non-Profit Industrial Complex' (more on that subject in a later post)
by Eric Tang, and "Syria’s Curious Dilemma" by Bassam Haddad re-printed from the excellent magazine Middle East Report. If you are not familiar with Left Turn magazine or have been seeing it around for a while but have yet to subscribe, please do so! In September/October since we released the last issue we have gotten over 80 new subscribers which is by far the most we have ever gotten over such a short time period. Subscriptions also go a long way toward making sure the website continues to be fresh and regularly updated. Finally check out our national events calender which we are trying to build on -- if anyone has any important events that you think would be relevant for us to post please feel free to contact us through the website.

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