Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Film Release: Paradise Now

Just seeing the preview for this film in theatres is an experience worth paying $10 for. I remember the chills i felt running down my back when i heard the promo man in the raspy voice say "On the streets of Palestine...". I looked around the packed room and realized what an impact the preview alone must be having on all of those viewers. I have to say i was a little weary after the preview started with the sentence "from the most unlikely place... comes a call for peace..." and then ended with the phrase "Sometimes the best decisions are the ones you dont make...".

But a week later i received some free advance screening tickets and checked it out. The film was amazing. Furthermore it is being nationally distributed through the WarnerBros independent label (of all people) and so we need to go out and support it! Go to the films website and check out if its playing in your city. Like all independent films if it does well in its first few weeks it will open in larger numbers across the country.

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