Friday, November 18, 2005

Counter Recruitment Movement

Thinking strategically about stopping something as big as the US invasion subsequent occupation of Iraq can be a daunting task. You got the people who say "We gotta mobilize... lets get on the bus to DC" (often referred to as the 'liberals'). Then you got the people saying "we gotta take direct action and physically disrupt this war machine... time to lockdown a busy intersection" (often referred to as the "radicals"). And then somewhere in between you have folks who, while recognizing the importance of both the aforementioned tactics, focus on something tangible. Something that is almost a combination of direct action and protest politics, in this case Counter-Recruitment work. Military counter-recruitment work is key for several reasons:
  1. It directly interferes with US war efforts
  2. Often involves reaching out to or supporting those most effected by the War right here in the United States--poor and working class communities of color from the inner cities (specifically African American and Latino), & isolated working class white youth from the suburbs.
  3. Strategically attacks one of the militaries weakest links--the need for new soldiers as the war grows more and more unpopular.
And make no mistake about it, the war is growing more unpopular by the minute. Although I agree with those that don't put too much faith in public opinion polls, it seems like generally across the board people are really turning on the Bush administration, even the other pro-war party (the democrats).

On the local front it was nice to see some of the local anarchists actually get out in the streets and do something strategic and on politcally on point. While there is often a lot of critique eminating those circiles (often correctly) lamenting the fact that liberals are happy to march around in circles, it is rare to actually see folks get involved in some concrete way in the growing anti-occupation movement. As Ali G would say RES-PEK to those who were out there doing their thing... we could use a lot more of it!

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Anonymous said...

First of all, congrats on your new blog. It looks good and your writing is very interesting.

Yes, it's good that your local anarchists got out and protested recruiters, but I hope you understand that anarchists are very busy with anti-war activism. Most of what we do isn't very flashy and it happens in conjunction with other groups. We've done counter-recruitment protests here in Kansas City. I'm involved with the War Resisters League.

And I think many anarchists would agree that we shouldn't just focus on anti-war activism. The left has a habit of jumping from hot topic to hot topic. Anarchists are much better at taking on the whole system.