Friday, May 26, 2006

South Central Farm Blockades!

For those not familiar with the ongoing struggle to save the largest urban farm in the US, you can listen to a radio interview here. Also check out LA Indymedia and the South Central Farmers website for the most up to date info, but the latest news is that:

Hundreds of people gathered at the South Central Farm last Wednesday night to defend the farmers from eviction and their farm from destruction. A vigil surrounding the farm was held and later in the evening there was Hip Hop, Son Jarocho and dancing. Supporters continue to arrive every day and the encampment is growing. With the stay on evictions lifted on Tuesday, evictions could come at any moment. For now it seems that the large numbers of people coming to the farm may be the only thing preventing the evictions. The sheriffs to date have not received notice to proceed and there has been no sign of increased police presence near the farm.

People have been camping outside the farm for months. It is a similar to the Six Nations struggle up in Canada. Both are primarily indigenous spaces of land and sustenance housed within settler states; both are resisting; both have anarchists and socialists helping out with the blockades. For a first-hand account of whats happening on the ground right now, Clamor magazine just posted this on their website.

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