Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Rebirth... Blog launch 2.0

So after only really posting once every few weeks, im ready to give this thing another shot. There has been so much going on these past few months i dont even really know where to start... well I guess the main project i have been working on as of late has been this film Sir! No Sir! which i got hired to promote when it came here to New York and then stayed on to help with a few more cities including Washington DC where its playing right now.

Working on the film has been a great experience, besides finally gettin' paid for something after finishing up my run on unemployment i got to plug back into anti-war organizing during a pretty crucial time. Since the film documents the resistance inside the US military during the Vietnam war, a lot of our outreach work centered on veteran groups across the country including the recently formed Iraq Veterans Against the War [IVAW], Veterans for Peace [VFP], and Vietnam Veterans Agains the War [VVAW].

Im gonna try and post a bunch of content over the next few days and get back in the groove of doing this blog thing...

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