Tuesday, July 10, 2007

US Social Forum Photos Part I
(report back below)

Heading back home... (Uruj, Tej, Kiyoko) Sunday, July 1st
Picture the Homeless rolling deep (Jean, Ryan, Lynn, Bruce,Marco,Torrey...)
Left Turn off to dinner! (Nekoro, Sasha, Francesca, Kiyoko)
Eric speaking @ part I of "The Revolution Will Not Be Funded" (Sat, June 30th)
Left Turn editor Jordan & all-star distributor Finn @ The Tables
Reggie, Tej & Prachi hanging out late night in the hotel lounge...
"Another Politics is Possible" Discussion (Friday 10:30am, June 29th)SDS "Intergenerational Organizing" Panel (Thurs. 3:30pm June 28th)
[Josh, Senia, Ashanti, Bob, David]

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