Monday, December 12, 2005

No Justice, No Peace!

I recently came across this interesting article entitled:
"No Justice and No Peace: A Critique of Current Social Change Politics" written by Selina Musuta and Darby Hickey and wanted to hear what other people thought of some of the points they bring up. Personally I think these types of articles, written by activists involved in the movement themselves, are really important. I have plenty to say about the article (both where i agree and disagree) but before i share some thoughts, i want to hear from other people! What do folks think? leave a comment (or two)...

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kateg said...

this article made me think a bit about the article in the sidebar on anti-intellectualism in the movement.

I think the critique of anti-racist culture among white activists in the essay is spot on--I the problems go beyond simply white people's racism though. The answer cant be for us to just more deeply searh inside ourselves and correct the problems; we have to move toward envisioning collective answers, not just individual indentites as white anti-racist activists.

Among the barriers to getting there, I think, in addition to white racism, is a tendency to stick to doctirnare process and similarly formalistic solutions as the answer to political questions like this. Instead of unreflectively applying simple, abstract solutions, we need more emphasis on processing our own political experiences as a group.

Below are a couple of things I think should be evaluated in that light:

--strategies for multi-racial coalition building
--strategies for tying local groups with national and international-scale moblizations